Know Your Rights: Sharmeen Obaid Dissects Various Sections Of Nikahnama In A 3-min Video

Marriage is an institution of prime importance in Pakistan with religious and cultural importance, but the patriarchal structure has made it appear more suppressive towards the female gender.

To take off the label of oppression and amplifying the beauty of this relationship that assures rights of both husband and wife, Council of Islamic Ideology (CII) has recently agreed on making changes in Nikahnama. The changes, according to the council, are made to protect women rights and clarify the provisions that guarantee them – which were purposefully clouded in the previous outdated version.

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Majority women in our society are ignorant of their rights that the document of Nikah provides them. Some significant sections are even crossed out without the consent of the bride.

Award-winning filmmaker Sharmeen Obaid Chinoy has made a brilliant effort to educate women about their rights and has made a short 3 minutes video explaining various sections of the document.

The video takes about mehr, the right of divorce and even the right to a predetermined monthly allowance which the husband is liable to pay his wife every month. The video also includes contact number of various helplines that are available to assist women in the subject.

The video is a part of the seven-month project by Aagahi, in which 14 short videos will be released to aware women about their legal rights and will be released under the SOC banner. The educating videos will be 3 minutes long, narrated in Urdu and other regional languages by Aminah Sheikh. The much-needed initiative will equip women about the rights that have been already granted to them but they are unaware of it. Since they are in regional languages, they will speak every segment of the society to convey the message.

Here is the mentioned video. Have a look:

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