Komal Rizvi spills the beans on her controversies with Saif Ali Khan and Edhi Sahb [VIDEO]

She says it all.

Famous Pakistani actress and singer Komal Rizvi started her entertainment career with the drama serial Hawaain. The series proved to be an overnight hit, making Komal Rizvi the talk of the town. Things only moved towards getting better when the celebrity started to tap into singing. Now Komal Rizvi is a household name of the Pakistani entertainment sector.

Recently, host Tabish Hashmi invited the gorgeous singer and actress to his show, To Be Honest with Tabish Hashmi. Komal Rizvi poured her heart out on the show and shed some light on the real story behind her many controversies.

Talking about her epic selfie with Abdul Sattar Edhi, she said:

I share a good relationship with Bilqees Edhi; I used to go to attend the orphans’ wedding functions too. One day I went to Bilqees Edhi; I also took my nephew Aryan because I really wanted him to meet Edhi Sahb. I met with Edhi Sahb’s son Ahmad, and he requested me to sing Lambi Judai, which I sang. Later on, Edhi Sahb’s family took pictures with me, it strengthened my confidence, and I asked for a selfie with Edhi Sahb.

Following this, the host Tabish Hashmi said that the memes trend was set in the country by Komal, to which she agreed.

Komal Rizvi further stated:

Edhi Sahb was on dialysis, and I really wanted to meet him. The selfie I uploaded was the one in which he blinked an eye for a second, and it became huge meme material. My brother called me to take the picture down, but I didn’t; I own it, as it was with the great Edhi Sahb. I cried for two days on these memes, but my father supported me and said, ‘in all these years of your career, you are in the news because of your brilliant personality’.

Talking about her rumored scandal with Saif Ali Khan, actress, and singer Komal Rizvi said:

I have never interviewed him. I had interviewed many celebrities in India, but I didn’t even see him, and there was apparently a rumor that I’m seeing him and he had bought me a flat, etc., which was not true at all. I wish half of it were true. I am friends with many other Bollywood celebrities, and I have hung out with them, but not Saif Ali Khan.

Watch the full interview of Komal Rizvi here:

On the work front, Komal Rizvi was last seen in the HUM Tv’s Ramazan special drama Taana Baana. Fans all over Pakistan loved the series, and they are looking forward to seeing more of Komal Rizvi on their screens.

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