Korean Tekken Legend ‘Knee’ comes to Pakistan and He loves Pakistan’s Hospitality

The Gaming Legend fulfilled his promise he made to Pakistan after losing to Arslan Ash at Evo2019 finals in US.

True to his promise, The Greatest Of All Times (GOAT) in the famous versus-fighting action game TEKKEN, the Korean Legend Jae Min Bae a.k.a.Knee” is here in Pakistan and he is overwhelmed by the welcome and hospitality he has received here by Fighting Game’s Community.

It was back in August this year when the gaming legend promised to visit Pakistan after losing to current Pakistani World Champion, Arslan Ash at Evo 2019 finals in the US.

Showing his greatness, the legend used the word ‘learn’ as the purpose of his visit. And then came the time when his sponsors, Rox Dragons, officially announced he is finally coming. A professional Pakistani player Bilal Ilyas is the one that made it all happen. Bilal is also his host for the tour and received him warmly at the airport with beautiful flowers.

Pakistani Tekken community, which has always seen him as a great mentor as they learned the game watching his matches online, couldn’t believe it and were super excited! Their emotions can be seen in these videos:

He was greeted with a special welcome message in his own native language.

The craze of his fans was at its peak.

There was a meet and greet at Lahore at a gaming cafe named ManiaX Gaming Hub. It is considered the den of Pakistani heavyweights like Arslan Ash, Awais Honey and Atif Butt who have already left their mark on international Tekken scene by winning multiple titles beating the best of the world this year.

In a video stream with his host Bilal Ilyas, Knee said he is pleasantly surprised to come here and witness how Pakistan is so different from what media has been telling. He literally said that media makes Pakistan sound dangerous – which it totally is not.

After the game session with local players ended, when asked what are your feelings about Pakistan, the Pakistani Tekken community and its hospitality – here’s what the great-of-the-game had to say:

“I’ve traveled many countries for Tekken, but the Welcome and Hospitality I received here in Pakistan, never had anywhere in the world”.

Not just him, the whole Global Tekken community appreciated the warm and wholesome welcome Pakistani community gave to the maestro who has been ruling the game for almost two decades.

And that amazing moment when the international Tekken community uses the word InshaAllah!

The international community kept on pouring love for a country that, for two decades, has been in news for all the wrong reasons.

Aaaand then there were some political comments as well. :p

After playing with the Pakistani community, this is what the Korean legend himself had to say:

He gave the following autograph on the wall of ManiaX Gaming Hub

Who thought a video game could do this much? Bring so many people together, break stereotypes, clear misconceptions and portray a positive image of a country so misunderstood.

Let us not forget giving a special thanks to Arslan Ash, who believed in himself and went to the International arena without any support from anyone and opened the floodgates for Pakistani FGC.

Knee! Pakistan loves a guest like you and want to host you over and over again.

What are your thoughts about his arrival and welcome Pakistan gave him? Let us know in the comments. Add your observations of the story!

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