KP Government Announces Dedicated Burial Ground For Transgenders


Transgenders have faced a history of marginalization and hate crimes, the wave that has particularly taken the province of Peshawar under its influence recently. With cases after cases of harassment, physical assault, and ridicule in public places, discrimination, and racism – the transgender individuals have also faced difficulties for proper burial and a place in the graveyard.

Recently, a post on social media went viral where a trans activist stated how another transgender has passed away but has been denied the right to burial by her own family while no religious clerk in the entire city of Peshawar is willing to lead her funeral prayers.

However, on Wednesday, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) government announced that it will set sections of state graveyards for the burials of transgender individuals exclusively.

‘’Until now, transgender people have been burying their dead in private graveyards, out of the public gaze’’ – says the head of provincial government committee on transgender rights, Mushtaq Ahmed Ghani.

Ghani also said that serious steps are being taken to address and provide sustainable solutions to the concerns of transgenders. The marginalized sexual minority has always found itself in a vulnerable position socially.
But, as we are headed towards a more progressive and inclusive society their rights have become a topic of discussion every now and then. Last year, the first passport with a transgender category was issued.

Ghani, who also is the speaker of KP assembly, said that it will be mandatory for state’s clergy to lead the funeral prayer of Trans people.

Trans community that makes up about half a million of Pakistan’s population face a lot of discrimination and challenges. Right from the birth and facing abandonment from their own families, the social isolation and stigmatization pose a serious threat to their health, social security, education, employment perspective, life expectancy and inheritance rights.

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