KP Government imposes fine on tourists polluting the scenic locations

To discourage littering and pollution, KP Government decides will now fine the tourists.


  • KP government will now impose fine on tourists responsible for littering. 
  • The step is positive as it will make the place look more presentable and neat. 
  • The littering drive in Galiyat has begun and fines of more than Rs. 143,000 have already been collected.

The incumbent government initiated their journey in the office with a special focus on encouraging tourism. For a more presentable and welcoming look of country’s scenic beauties, the KP government will be imposing heavy fines on those responsible for littering.

After the pictures of garbage dumps were shared online, people criticized the KP government for not imposing fines. To tackle the prevailing problem, the Pakhtunkhwa government started a littering drive in Galiyat, where they have already collected Rs. 143,000 so far.

The official reports say that 23 hotels, 18 restaurants, 16 cabins, 6 residents, and 11 tourists have already been fined for littering in Galiyat. Some photos regarding the subject went viral as well where people shared their challans.

11 tourists have already been fined:


Tourism affects the pattern of tourism:

While we are habitual of it, littering does affect the pattern of tourism. With only being a ‘vacation’, tourism also is an extremely significant economic activity. The incumbent government recognized potential Pakistan has in these terms and encouraged it on the national and international level.

Tourism remains one of the largest growing industries worldwide (EEA, 2006). Its
GDP ranges between 2% for small-scale tourism countries to 6.2% in countries like
Cameroon, who sees a large influx of tourists annually.

Keeping it in perspective, the government initiated the anti-pollution drive in Galiyat. The government is determined that it will be expanded to other parts of the province as well to make people realize that littering is a serious offense.

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