KP Becomes ‘First Province In Developing World To Provide Universal Healthcare For All’

By 2021, the Sehat Insaf Program will extend to all districts of KP.

In a hopeful new development, the government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has introduced the facility of medical coverage for underprivileged families under the Sehat Insaf Program.

During Launching Speech Today PM Khan claimed that KP has become first province in developing world to provide Universal Healthcare For All.[0]=AZW3d6CdueNyOFcFJLABIHPrK1n-hZ258oyyR3rvbtOCYbe2KkeL2hi1Mww64fE4iLjRrGRefP_nv8OI1itvjB9W3J62gUwvTcZLk40au9jPbfrUnZV0iBTHlh4CNwDIzQg0jlWTmtCeQJo83RAL_CTi

Medical coverage

The government will offer full medical coverage to more than six million families in numerous districts. The provincial government and State Life Insurance have also reached an agreement on this.

Once the homework on the MoU (memorandum of understanding) is completed, the agreement will be signed on the 21st of August 2020 in PM Imran Khan’s presence.

The government would provide Rs. 8 billion over five years for insurance and it would cover medical facilities of up to Rs. 1 million per family.

After some time, the Sehat Insaf Program will extend to all districts of KP.

PM Imran Khan’s goal

While addressing a public gathering last year, PM Khan promised to make Pakistan a welfare state following the principles of Madinah. One step in fulfilling this promise is the introduction of a health insurance system for the people of KP.

A medical scheme similar to this was launched in Punjab in 2019 as well. Under this, 5 million families were given health cards.

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  • Its all great but lot more effort need to be focused on improving the quality of hospital/ doctors and training the nursing staff.

  • Imran Khan is great leader he always thinks about poor how to help and uplift them. Pakistan started grown while Europe and America started going down with Recessions.

  • پورے ملک پر جو قہر بن کر نازل ہوا اس کا کیا جواب ہے،
    کبھی کسی غریب کے گھر کا بھی حال دیکھ لیں ، میرے گھر کے سامنے دکان ہے اس پر مزدور جب شام کو تھک ہار کر واپس آتے ہیں اور صرف 500روپے کماتے ہیں تو وہ 50 روپے کا گھی اور 50 کی چینی خریدتے ہیں ، یہ حال ہے عمران خان کی قیادت میں اس ملک کا ۔ میں خود پی ٹی آئی میں تھا لیکن اب نہیں ہوں ۔

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