KP govt revises petrol limit for ministers and bureaucrats

According to media reports, the rising inflation in Pakistan has led to a 35 percent fuel quota cut. As a result of this cut, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) government has fixed the petrol limit for ministers and bureaucrats.

Details of Revised Petrol Decisions

Here is the new petrol breakdown:

  • The provincial ministers and special assistants will now get 390 litres of petrol instead of 600 litres.
  • The limit of 146 litres of petrol is fixed for the chief secretary, additional chief secretary, home secretary, finance secretary and Inspector General (IG).
  • The administrative secretaries, commissioner and deputy inspector generals (DIGs) will now get 130 litres of petrol instead of 200 litres
  • The chairman of the Public Service Commission will be given 98 litres of petrol instead of 150 litres.
  • The deputy commissioners (DCs) will receive 104 litres instead of 160 litres.

The new petrol limit minimizes the quantity of petrol ministers and bureaucrats will be allowed. This limit will bring a major change in their lifestyles. Only time will tell how well people adapt to these changes due to rising inflation.

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  • Too much still. 600 litres petrol is worth 141000 and what fo they need this much petrol for?

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