According to KP's new legislation for school bags, HERE is the permissible weight for each grade

According to doctors, this weight can affect a student's attentiveness and ability to learn. It is already hard enough for the kids to work relentlessly to excel in their studies.

Heavy school bags lead to strain, fatigue, and physical discomfort among children. Regardless of the problems, teachers still expect children to carry that weight around.

According to doctors, this weight can affect a student\’s attentiveness,ability to learn and negatively affect posture. It is already hard enough for kids to work relentlessly to excel in their studies. They should not have to deal with the added rigorous physical activity associated with carrying heavy school bags.

On Wednesday, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government approved The KPK School Bags (Limitation Weight) Act to regulate the weight of school bags children must carry. The Provincial Minister for Education Shahram Khan Tarakai took to Twitter and announced:

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa has become the first province to introduce such legislation. The act would provide a long due relief to children and parents.

In his tweet, Tarakai further wrote:

I am glad to announce that the provincial cabinet has approved the KPK school Bags (Limitation Weight) Act today to regulate School Bags\’ weight.

According to the legislation, the permissible weight of school bags for each grade will be as follows:

  • pre-Grade-1 = 1.5 kg
  • Grade-1 = 2.4 kg
  • Grade-2 = 2.6 kg
  • Grade-3 = 3 kg
  • Grade-4 = 4.4 kg
  • Grade-5 = 5.3 kg
  • Grade-6 = 5.4 kg
  • Grade-7 = 5.8 kg
  • Grade-8 = 5.9 kg
  • Grade-9 = 6kg
  • Grade-10 = 6.5kg
  • Grade-11 = 7kg
  • Grade-12 = 7kg

The approved school bag law will apply to all educational institutions, including:

  • Government Institutes
  • Private Institutes
  • Seminary Institutes
  • Autonomous Institutes
  • Semi-autonomous Institutes
  • Other institutes functioning in the province

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