KP government reserves 33% quota for women in tourism police

33% quota has been reserved for females in the tourism police.

There is a 33% quota for females in the tourism police.

The Minister for Tourism Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Atif Khan said that tourism police would be deployed in five districts of Swat, Dir Upper, Chitral, Abbottabad, and Mansehra before the upcoming tourism season.

The minister stated there is a 33% quota for females in the tourism police. The police will be allotted double and single cabin vehicles, horses and motorbikes for patrolling purposes and for the facilitation and protection of tourists.

Rs. 480 million would be spent on setting up the tourism police. This is one of the many steps the Pakistani government has taken to help increase the influx of both local and foreign tourists.

What will the tourism police do?

KP’s special police is being trained to revive the country’s foreign tourism industry. Their job will be to promote tourism and make the experience as secure for international visitors as possible.

The provincial minister for Tourism Atif Khan previously announced that the specialized police will be trained in Thailand. The government is also working on rehabilitation of tourist spots, revamping them and equipping them with modern facilities. 

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