KP Revises Textbooks To Eliminate Rote Learning Culture

Pakistan’s education sector has faced the curse of rote learning for decades leading to inefficient organizational structure and unproductive professionals. In order to break the culture and practically reforming the department, KP’s provincial government has decided to revise the textbooks for grades I to X.

Though much needed and appreciable, the teachers have been quite critical of the change, demanding extensive training on the new material.

K-PESED (Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa Elementary and Secondary Education Department) is bringing the reforms for the year 2018-19. About 55 million revised textbooks have already been distributed across the province in the government-run schools.

In the initial phase, 15 textbooks have already been revised from grade 1 to 5, complying with approved standards of textbooks development.

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In the second phase, nine textbooks from grade VI to VIII were revised. In the third phase, 10 textbooks from the grade IX to X were revised and distributed among students.
A senior official from K-PESED, wishing to stay anonymous, told a local news source that the reforms and revision have been done to eliminate the over-emphasis on rote learning that exists like a disease in Pakistani education sector. The upgrade will help children to think more critically and invest more energy in conceptual understanding.

While some teachers have seen these changes as a challenge to incorporate, some have also lauded the much-needed step. It will break the traditional rote learning culture
A senior teacher from Mardan, Fazal Rabi, said that the changes can easily be adopted by the newly recruited teachers as they are more qualified, but the old cadre will face difficulties altering their rigid, old teaching methodologies. Rabi also urged the K-PESED to provide the old cadre with training and workshops in order to implement these changes more effectively.

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