KP To Finally Launch ‘Pink Bus’ Service For Women

K-P decides to finally launch the Pink Bus Service

To facilitate women and cater to their reservations while travelling in public transport, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) has finally decided to launch the ‘Pink Bus’ service. The service has been initially started for Mardan and Abbottabad.

This is being done in a bid to provide to women of the area so they can travel with ease. They will be conveniently travelling within the city via this service. The provincial government will be using the buses, donated by Japan for the Pink Bus Program. A tender has also been awarded to local company, which will manage the running of the buses and will also take care of the provision of drivers.

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In 2018, the Japanese Government donated the pink buses. They were supposed to start functioning in Peshawar, but as the BRT project had already started there, the roads were not in a condition to facilitate the running of cross-city buses. For this, Chief Minister Pervaiz Khattak transferred the project to Abbottabad and Mardan. However, this didn’t help either. Even after it, it almost took over a year to get the buses running on the roads.

Despite having unexplained and unexpected delays, the provincial Department of Transport is hopeful that the bus service will formally start from the middle of February. The first twenty buses for BRT (Bus Rapid Transport) have reached Peshawar from Karachi on February 6th. The modern buses from China, which will also have amnesties like ramps for wheelchairs to make them inclusive for everyone’s use also landed in Karachi last week. After clearing the taxes and duties and completing necessary documentation, the vehicles were sent to Peshawar.

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