KP unveils numerous programs under ‘science agenda’ initiative

The launch was meant to strengthen the national economy and uplift the society.

KP unveils numerous programs under 'science agenda' initiative

13 new science programs have been launched in Peshawar by The Directorate General of Science and Technology under the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Science Agenda. The programs are worth Rs. 1.5 billion.

The launch was meant to strengthen the national economy and uplift the society by renewing the commitments towards raising science literacy, increasing innovation and excellence in scientific research. More than 200 leaders from research institutions, universities, developmental sector, startups and government came together for the launch.

Senior Minister Atif Khan who is in charge of science and technology, IT, food and youth affairs stated that they want the scientists to make three areas their focal points where KP wants to get established. These three areas include biomedicine, space sciences and materials. In addition to this, he said that he doesn’t want them to forget uplifting the eight main natural resources that the province has been provided with, including bees, gemstones, honey, fruits and microhydel power.

The attendees were initially welcomed by Director General for Science and Technology, Sajid Hussain Shah. A speech was then delivered by the secretary for science, technology and IT, Muhammad Khalid.

Dr. Faisal Khan, a graduate of Oxford University and one of the leading scentists in the province, revealed that this was the first time such a comprehensive, end-to-end roadmap for science was brought which touched every piece of their science enterprise. Khan said that this is why the agenda is ‘unique.’

He also said that they are also bringing focus of a number of areas to develop an important mass of talent and infrastructure in the province. He believes that it would be only after this that they will begin to develop solutions that will replace imports and ‘grow into experts for the province and the country.’

The Director General for Science and Technology stated that it is fortunate to have extraordinary increase in developmental funds this year which is unmatched by any year in the history of DOST. ‘We are making sure that the plans are executed rigorously.’ he added.

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