KPK Announces Free Health & Transportation Facilities For Senior Citizens

KPK government takes another significant step ahead with their new plan to improve the lives of those who are in later years of their life. Though recognized as a dependent group on state support, senior citizens have always found little to no favor in state policies and budget.
Aged people (60 years and above) make around 7pc of country’s population, which equals to around 13 million (minimum estimation). The figure, by no means, is insignificant.

KPK government, for the first time, has taken the critical need under consideration and have announced the provision of ‘free’ facilities for them.
Sindh and KPK governments previously have envisaged their interest in the issue. Both provinces formulated laws couple years back that had many overlapping qualities, however, they were hardly being implemented.
Now KPK government has reconsidered the issue and made the announcement that citizens above 60 years of age will be provided free facilities by the provincial government.

The province previously offered them separate counters for checkups and discounts on medical charges in government hospitals but now they will be able to avail the services absolutely free.
With that, they can also travel via metro service, visit parks and public museums without any charges as well. KPK government has also announced a fixed monthly pension for them.
The plan is targeted to benefit 2.5 million people and will be implemented in a few months time.
The initiative is getting huge appreciation from people and they have high hopes associated with it.

The plan is set to benefit that segment of society that not only is most vulnerable but is most dependent as well. Provision of basic necessities without any monetary charges along with elevating their living conditions will improve the quality of lives of senior citizens too.

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