KPK Government To Introduce STEM In Schooling System – See How It Can Potentially Change The Education Game In The Province

KPK government has had its priorities set with regards to the education sector in particular. Recognizing that education and attitude have remained a long-term concern for the past governments and perhaps a shackle that has prevented us from moving forward, PTI has detected the issue since very initial days and has worked on it.

Going beyond just a statement, the introduction of new and innovative strategies to strengthen the system of education overall well reflects the commitment. They have previously induced smart initiatives in the schooling system like interconnecting religious education with technical subjects and computer-based teaching system. These steps have been designed by taking into account the significance of each segment of the society towards the overall development.

Source: Express Tribune

Recently, KPK Government has decided to introduce STEM in the schooling system. As we are used to orthodox rote learning that has embedded in the roots strongly, STEM will actually prove to be a revolutionary pathway.

STEM – that stands for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics – is a modern way of amalgamating skill development with book learning. Where the book is only limited to being a standard to judge eligibility of an individual to promote to next grade, the STEM will help to form permanent traits that can potentially transform an individual to a resourceful asset whether they choose to pursue a career in related subjects or not.

To dissect more, here are few of the objectives that STEM is targetted to achieve:

1) Aids In Being ‘Current’

We live in a world where technology has replaced manpower significantly. Hence having an education system that connects you to the fast-paced technological development is important. Even if you are not pursuing a career in it, the workplaces use up-to-date softwares for their daily working. So having a basic know-how about these technical areas will provide to be quite handy for individuals once they are in the professional field.

2) Think Out Of The Box – Welcoming Innovation

Being knowledgeable equipped encourages critical thinking. Since you are constantly aware of what’s happening around you, it refines the thinking process, motivating students to be creative. STEM system is a rigorous thinking process which encourages innovation.

3) It Feeds On Creativity:

Linking back to point 2, being able to think out of the box opens avenues of creativity. As said by James Michael Leakes, director engineering graphics at the reputed University of Illinois in a discussion with NY Times said that students who make rudimentary drawings prove to be skilled engineers. Efficient usage of space within structure since an early educational age solidifies the skills.

4) Promotes Quality In Education:

A qualitative educational structure includes practical learning as a significant element. STEM system acts as a confidence booster and helps promote diversity since an early age. The induction, that might seem insignificant at first, is quite well-thought and rewarding. Along with equipped with bookish knowledge, it strengthens personality traits as well.

5) Increases Chances Of Jobs:

STEM occupations are growing 17% faster as compared to contemporary education systems (source: Stem Jobs). It gives you a clear direction and helps you acquire a professional degree that will land you a good job in future. They are covered in other fields due to additional personality skills and talents that they possess. Due to critical thinking, they prove to be a more productive workforce.

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