KPK Government Makes History By Issuing Driving Licences To Transgenders

Transgender community in Pakistan is struggling to keep the wheel of their lives moving on a daily basis. Harassment, limited opportunities to earn a respectable income and being deprived with the pure love of family from the second they are born as they are perceived to bring ‘dishonor’ to their loved ones due to their gender.

In a society largely dominated by men and women, transgender has to lead a fight that no human deserves. But recently due to society’s consideration and stakeholder’s developing interest in the matter, we have witnessed some effective collaborative efforts by state institutions and human right groups that inspire a hope in our hearts that soon, a change will occur given the third gender rights that they deserve as equal human beings.

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Addressing the ceremony, Afridi told that 300 transgender applied for driving licenses and 15 of them have been given their licenses in the first phase while other applications will be gradually processed.

Having the privilege of being the first ever transgender in KPK to obtain the driving license, Farzana is hopeful that this step will carve out ways for her and her fellow transgenders to earn a more respectable livelihood. She further added that her community members are fed up of dancing, the only option the society has left for them to be able to support their life, and are searching for alternative ways to support it.

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