KPK Government’s Performance – Public Opinion – Exclusive

Since 2013 elections, PML N government is under criticism for blames of rigging as well as the inefficient performance by PTI Chairman Imran Khan.
In defense, PML N representatives say that Imran Khan should have a reality check by focusing on his performance in KPK.
Amidst this blame game, the team of decided to ask the general public about what they think as they are the best judge of performance.

Our team conducted this road show in KPK and inquired people if they see any ‘Tabdeeli,’ the fundamental goal that PTI claims to be working on.

The people showed satisfaction. The majority said that law and order is much improved now, that is also helping the businesses to flourish and improve.
Also, the high degree of content was observed and vocally expressed by the public when asked about police.
They said that Khan’s claims about depoliticizing police and improving transparency are valid.
They also said that behavior of police has completely changed and is more cooperative now.
This positive change has significantly helped to bridge the trust deficit that previously existed between the police and the general public.


Want to know what people had to say about PTI’s performance in KPK? Watch our exclusive roadshow here:

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