KPK Launches A Province-wide Radio Campaign To Aware Public About Women Rights

Taking a unique, very imperative and impressive step towards gender equality, The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Commission on the Status of Women has initiated a province-wide radio campaign advocating the rights of women. The campaign is determined to educate the general public about the gender-based discrimination and encourage significant steps to curb the challenges.

The campaign will enlighten the audience about the significance and role of women towards community development, discussing gender-based violence, honour killings, child marriages, dowry and other forms of ferocity against the vulnerable gender.

In a statement issued by Neelum Toru, commission’s chairperson this Wednesday – she said that there are many issues pertaining the women in KP and they are hindering their way to progress and become an effective contributor towards the progress. She said that the ideal way to raise discussions on these issues and highlight them is through radio as it is in reach of every individual.

The radio campaign will consist of well-thought and well-planned series of programs on women based themes. These programs will be efficiently sketched to convey the message in the most meaningful manner that resonates with the general public and echoes with their thought process. The programs will be aired on every Thursday at Radio Pakistan and FM 101.

Neelum said that initially, it will be difficult to create an atmosphere of acceptability as these topics are generally tabooed and people are reluctant to talk about them. But we need to start talking about them to work towards the solution.

“I know that these topics are sensitive and people are reluctant to talk about them, but if we keep shying away, then I am afraid that it will not be possible to craft solutions for issues that are holding women back from realizing their full potential’’ – she said.

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