KPK rediscovers a treasure of ancient Hindu religious sites

The authorities unearth religious sites including temples and crematorium

View of an at least 1,000-year-old Hindu temple unearthed in Haripur.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK)  authorities have recently discovered its millennia-old Hindu past in the form of a cluster of religious sites. The newly discovered sits include a temple, crematorium, in the Haripur district.

The experts believe that the newly found treasure is somewhat thousand years old.

”We discovered a temple and other Hindu sites in the Khanpur area of Haripur district that predates the partition of the subcontinent by several hundred years” – said Haroon Sarab Dayal, a member of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s taskforce on promoting religious tourism in Pakistan. Haroon is also a member of Minority Ordinance Council of Pakistan.

”This is the first time after the creation of Pakistan that a temple complex and crematorium has been discovered in K-P. This is big news especially for Hindus of Pakistan as well as residing anywhere the world” – he added.

“While most Hindu buildings in K-P were built under Sikh rule in the 19th century, this temple discovered in Haripur may be as old as Peshawar’s ancient Panj Tirath temple, which is around 1,000 years old,” – Ibrahim Shah, professor of history at Peshawar University, added.

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Shah added that the discovery of ancient Panj Tirath, Kali Bari and Gor Gahro temples shows that K-P has a rich Hindu past. Dayal said that near the temple, they have also found a cave which is believed to be associated with Hindu religious scholar Baba Mohan Das Kehar. Hindus from all across the world used to visit him for teachings.

Talking to a local news source, K-P’s MPA Ravi Kumar said that more hidden ancient sites will soon be discovered. He said that they have received information about another ancient fort near the river of Pir Sabiq area in Nowshera.

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