KPK Taking Exceptional Steps To Preserve Cultural Heritage In Peshawar – See Images Here

Cultural heritage is more than just historic buildings, they are instead physical links to our past. The architectural designs inspired by the trends of different generations reflect what we have in the present. The significance extends more than being an economic enabler, tourism attraction and a visually pleasing sight to look at, cultural heritage provides that essential bond with the fragments of past, that plays a part in cultural preservation as a whole.

To preserve that affinity and philosophical values of a certain group of people belonging to a specific time, we need to take effective steps to preserve the cultural heritage. Although the subject has had little to no concentration of the previous governments or concerning departments, KPK government has taken consequential steps to preserve the cultural heritage of Peshawar. Following the creation of Pakistan’s largest zoo with every animal that lives or can survive in Pakistan’s weather, KPK government has taken another opportunity to give back to the community in the most meaningful manner.

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The 500-meter long cultural heritage trail will be given a new direction with an improved image and food street to be a self-sufficient attraction for people from other cities. The project is being executed by the Directorate of Archaeology and Museums KP.

It will definitely add to the improving environment of the city that previously had little to no options for visitors. Also, it will create that ideal atmosphere that a model city needs to have.

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