KPK Unlocks Another Achievement As KPITB Trains 3000 Students With Modern IT Skills

To purify and refine the skills of students, KPITB (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Information Technology Board) has trained 3000 students from different government schools to programme. The training was carried out as a part of the first phase of the information technology training program called ‘early age programming and IT essentials initiative’.
KPITB had launched the program back in April 2017 in collaboration with K-P Elementary and Secondary Education Department with an objective to train the students to be skilled and knowledgeable equipped in the technological sphere.

As reported by Express Tribune, according to KP E&SED documents, the project was launched as a pilot in 14 districts and 60 government schools with the help of 20 trainers across the province. The main goal of the initiative was to train the young workforce with reference to modern technological advancement and provide them an opportunity to learn to programme in more applicable manner.

It was also mentioned in documents that with the help of this initiative and well-thought training programs, students have learned something new and productive in their early educational years. The trained students have been successfully able to create games, apps, and animations.

According to Zia ur Rehman, Media Advisor KP Elementary and Secondary Education, a total of  3000 students, which include 285 from only six government schools alone, from grades six to nine were trained in the first phase. The second phase targets over 300 schools and is thoroughly planned to achieve similar outcomes.
As a part of KPITB program, teachers were also trained to impart modern knowledge and educational techniques.

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