KPK’s Largest Christian Colony Still Without Basic Facilities

A catholic priest came up with the idea of building a Christian colony in Peshawar.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s largest Christian colony comprising 80,000 individuals still lacks basic facilities after being founded over 30 years ago. The colony is located in the Tehkal Payan area of the provincial capital. 

A catholic priest, Father James Kalkhat, had the idea of building a Christian colony in Peshawar and acquired a large plot in the Yousafabad area of Tehkal Payan. He built as many as 500 small houses there, which were allotted to poor Christians at installments of Rs100 per month.

The monthly installment was increased to 200 rupees.

A local resident, Nasreen Emmanuel, who was trained by two Australian sisters to impart primary education and vocational skills to boys and girls teaches the children there. She said hundreds of children have passed from her primary school and have now graduated from colleges and universities.

 ”I am missionary too and impart religious lessons to Christian girls and women but I don’t have enough space at my two-room home,” Nasreen Emmanuel said.

She also demanded the government to provide basic health care facilities, build a school, fix the gas and electricity issues and a state of the art vocational training center for women.

“We pay heavy bills but get no electricity. I remain busy all the daylong teaching children and then go door to door for religious sermons,” she added.

Another resident of the said that people in the area have been suffering from different water-borne diseases due to a damaged and rusted sewage system.

~This story was originally published in Dawn News. 

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