KP’s private schools keep charging vacations fee despite court orders

PSRA issued a notice on May 30th, 2019. The notice said that private schools were not allowed to charge vacation fees.


In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, private schools are now collecting fees of summer vacations from students, which is a violation of a stay ordered that Peshawar High Court issued against this matter.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa PSRA (Private Schools Regulatory Authority) has withdrawn 13 circulars which were issued to the schools. These circulars also include the one that prohibited the collection of summer vacation fee.

Parents, however, feel stuck between the decisions of PSRA and private schools, hence they insist that schools follow stay order issued against vacation fee collation. As per them, numerous schools are ‘victimizing’ students that don’t pay the fee.

PSRA issued notice disallowing private schools to charge vacation fee:

Before summer vacation started, PSRA issued a notice on May 30th, 2019. The notice said that private schools were not allowed to charge vacation fees.

“All private schools are strictly directed not to charge summer/winter vacations fee, till further orders in the larger public interest.”

But on August 27th, authorities withdrew the same circular with 12 more during a meeting. They said that these circulars were issued without a proper approval forum and were issued by the administration before them.

On 4th September, High Court Peshawar increased the period of the stay order that was issued previously, preventing fee collection by all private schools across KP until 24th September.

Despite numerous petitions from schools, parents and Peshawar District Bar Association are yet to be responded to, schools are still charging vacation fee, as per the father of a student.

While talking to Dawn, the father said that the schools were not following the court’s decision and he was being asked to pay the summer vacation fee along with the September fee. Further on, he told that he failed to submit the four-month fee of his children.

Decision of the regulator and court leaves parents confused:

Talking to the news source, he said that decision of the regulator and court had left parents confused, both the institutes issued orders in favor of the parents but did not implement them,

Tashfeen Haider, PSRA managing director, said that the reason behind the circular’s withdrawal was it being issued without approval of the authority.

“However, the relief given to parents through majority of these circulars issued according to the law will remain intact,” – he said.

He also stated that 20% concession was to be given if more than one sibling was studying on the campus. While answering a query relating the violation of the stay order, he announced that a fine had been imposed on more than 300 private schools across the province for violating the standing order and asking for summer vacation fee and that despite the withdrawal of circular, the decisions will still be imposed as per the law.



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