Meet Dr. Kulsoom Abdullah, Pakistan’s Hijab-wearing weightlifter with a PhD

She is also the first Muslim to represent in weightlifting competitions using

  • Dr. Kulsoom Abdullah is Pakistan’s Hijab-wearing weightlifter with a Ph.D.
  • She is a Pakistani-American and the only woman to represent Pakistan on the global stage in weightlifting competitions. 
  • She is also the first Muslim woman to take part in weightlifting competitions wearing Hijab. 

Pakistan has been performing remarkably on gender indicators. We may not be there yet, but we definitely are at a better point than where we were yesterday. Dr. Kulsoom Abdullah is a living example of it.

With strength, resilience, and focus oozing through her personality, Dr. Kulsoom is not only the first Pakistani woman to represent on the stage but also the world’s first hijab-wearing Muslim weightlifter.

The Pakistan-American has represented her native country on many international stages. However, what really sets her apart is that she is also an Engineer and also a Ph.D. scholar. Her dedication and passion for doing what she loves is a brilliant example for us to always follow your heart and put the best of your energy in what you are fond of.

The multi-talented woman pursued her passion and academic career while maintaining a healthy work-life-passion-family balance. She obtained her doctorate in Electrical/Computer Engineering at the Georgia Institute of Technology after completed her bachelors in Computer Engineering at the University of Central Florida.

In a country like Pakistan where women are reluctant to even pursue sports as a career choice, let alone weightlifting, Kulsoom Abdullah shatters many stereotypes. Flaunting her Hijab on international stages, Kulsoom shows the world that Muslim women are capable, strong and empowered. She also is an example for all Pakistani women to follow, that one can fulfill their dreams, maintain a healthy work-family balance and still walk the path of her passion.

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