Lack of Funds Leads To The Suspension of Karachi’s Free-of-Cost Ambulance Service

Lack of funds from the Pakistan Peoples Party led Sindh Government has resulted in the suspension of the services of Karachi’s first and only free-of-cost ambulance service. The Aman Health Care Services had to close it’s operation in the country’s largest city after the organization was left with no funds.

The PPP government had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Aman Health Care Services in December last year. As per the MoU signed, the government of Sindh was supposed to bear all the costs of Aman Ambulance thus providing the citizens a free-of-cost ambulance service. Following this the Aman Ambulance Service was relaunched with the name of Sindh Rescue and Medical Services. The Sindh government just had to gave the Health care service money while the rest of the job was being done by them.

Before the Sindh government signed the MoU, the Aman Health Care Services were charging patients less than half of what it actually costed. The Aman Health Care Services were mainly relying on donations. But after the PPP Sindh government officially agreed to bear all the expenses, they stopped taking donations. Moreover, the patient should no longer have to pay money for acquiring their services.

The Sindh Rescue and Medical Services utilized all the available funds until June 2019. Following this, the Sindh government announced to release an amount of Rs979 million rupees in order to help the free ambulance service continue it’s operations. Out of the Rs979 million rupees, Rs412m were to be spent on bearing the running expenses. While the with remaining amount, the government planed to add more 40 ambulances.

Despite all these claims, Aman Health Care Services still has not received a single penny from the government. With the staff still waiting for their 4 months salaries to be paid, the ambulances also lack money to and fueled. The number of ambulances which were supposed to be increased, had decreased to just 5 operational ambulances in the past week. They were also suspended in the afternoon yesterday.

On the other hand the Sindh government is of the opinion that a summary for the release of funds for the ambulance service has been sent to Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah. “Like last year, the Aman ambulance service is being given a bailout package this year too,”Barrister Murtaza Wahab stated in a media statement.

  • not a free. service normal charges was 1500 and from airport pickup 5000 i paid these charges in feb.

    Acha hoa band ho gai kaamchor

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