Lahore bags the title of ‘most polluted city’ in the world

The Air Quality Index of Lahore has hit 400 this week!

The provincial capital is once again covered in smog, and that is precisely why Lahore has become the most polluted city across the globe.

The Air Quality Index of Lahore has hit 400 this week, as mentioned in the new report of the MET department.

The AQI in the premises of Gulberg remained at 594, and the AQI of Umar colony was recorded as 571; while, the area of the Punjab Assembly remained with an all-time high AQI of 594, most alarming of them all.
Diseases like asthma, flu, respiratory issues, and cough are becoming more and more common in the provincial capital and nearby small cities because of the increasing pollution situation.
On the contrary, it has been informed by the MET department that the weather is not expected to change anytime soon. They further advised people to stay prepared for dry as well as cold weather and recommended to wear face masks all the time to stay safe from the weather-induced diseases.

Artificial rain, a way-forward to control smog:

Earlier in November, it was suggested by the local authorities to opt for artificial rainfall in the provincial capital to overcome the alarmingly increasing smog and its effects that had engulfed Lahore and its nearby cities.
Bilal Lodhi, the commissioner of Lahore, proposed the idea of artificial rainfall in order to scale down the hazardous levels of smog.
According to financial analysts, artificial rainfall would cost an estimated amount of PKR 350 million.
Additionally, while addressing the press, the commissioner of Lahore, Bilal Lodhi said that UAE (United Arab Emirates), Malaysia, and China had been approached by the government of Pakistan to purchase the technology of cloud seeding that is essential for the artificial rain project.


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