Lahore: Caretaker of Imambargah Unleashes Lion on Electrician For Demanding His Pay

In another gut wrenching incident in Lahore, an electrician was severely injured after a caretaker of an imambargah in Lahore unleashed a lion at him. The incident happened when the electrician—Muhammad Rafique—demanded money for the work he had done few days ago.

The caretaker of the imambargah, who has been identified with the name of Ali Raza, turned down his request on numerous occasions and asked him to come after few days. According to Muhammad Rafique when he insisted Ali Raza to be paid for his work, he unleashed his lion at him. He added that Ali Raza and his three friends stood and watched as he was almost being torn apart by the lion.

“The caretaker kept delaying the payment. But when Rafique persisted, Raza got annoyed and unleashed his pet lion on him. The lion wounded his face and arm,” the police said.

Furthermore, Muhammad Rafique explained that he was rescued from lion by the passersby after listening to his cries. Following this incident, Ali Raza had assured Muhammad Rafique of paying for his treatment which is why he didn’t register an FIR against him. The incident had happened last month. After going back on his word, Muhammad Rafique decided to lodge an official complaint against him.

The Punjab Police has lodged an FIR against Ali Raza under article 324 of Pakistan panel code.


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