VIDEO: Daughter who killed her own father with cousin’s help justifies saying ‘he used to beat us’

"My father used to beat my mother and siblings for no reason,"- Saira


Lahore-A 16-year-old girl named Saira has killed her father with the help of her 18-year-old cousin Moazzam.

According to details, the girl is said to be romantically involved with her cousin. Initially, there were reports that she murdered her father because he was against her relationship with Moazzam.

However, in an interview with a local news outlet, the 16-year-old revealed that Arshad (father) used to beat her mother and siblings for no reason. Saira’s mother seems fine with her husband’s murder.

Saira, her mother, and Moazzam are now in police custody and have admitted to their crime. Though the culprits said they regret getting into a heinous crime, however, they are convinced that they did the right thing.

“My father used to hit us for no reason. He was going somewhere with his second wife when I gave Moazzam a pistol to kill him,” said Saira.

“Did your hands shake before killing him?” asked the host. “My father’s hands never trembled while beating us,” she replied. Saira even said that she never thought about the aftermath of the crime; otherwise, she would not have taken this extreme step.

Moazzam, who killed Arshad, said Saira and her family were tired of facing continuous abuse by him; that’s why I killed him.

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