Lahore: Man jailed for marrying second time without permission from first wife

According to media reports, a Lahore man has been sent to jail for hiding his first marriage from his second wife. The man named Rehmat Ali currently sits in jail, contemplating his mistake.

Here’s what happened

Arfah Naz, the second wife, found out about Rehmat Ali’s first wife and children two days after their marriage. Angry at her husband, she lodged an FIR against him at the Shahdara police station.

Speaking to a media outlet, Arfah Naz said:

Rehmat kept his first marriage a secret from me. I tied the knot with him thinking he is single. However, soon I found out that he even has children with his first wife.

Disturbed by the revelation, Arfah Naz demanded that her husband, Rehmat Ali, be punished for deceiving her. After conducting an inquiry into the matter, the district court sent Rehmat Ali to jail on judicial remand.

Another similar incident occurred two years ago

A man was sentenced to 11 months in prison for marrying for the second time without the permission of his first wife. He was also charged with a fine of Rs. 250,000. The court said that the man’s prison sentence would be extended by four months if he fails to submit the said amount.

Supreme Court on Second Marriages

It should be noted that Section 6(5) of the Muslim Family Laws Ordinance, 1961 states that a man is required to submit written permission from his first wife if he wishes to marry another woman. If a man is found guilty of violating the law, he may be imprisoned for a year. Pakistan Supreme Court has also made it mandatory for men to give Haq Mehr to their wives before marrying for the second time.

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