Lahore: Man receives an e-ticket fine on his motorcycle stolen 8 years ago

According to media reports, a man residing in Lahore received a fine on his motorcycle, which was stolen no less than eight years ago. The man, Imran, was shocked when he received an electronic challan, also called an e-ticket, for his stolen bike’s traffic violation.

Upon investigating the challan details and other means of information, Imran found out that his long-lost bike was being used by police officials themselves in the Sabzarar neighborhood.

The surprising discovery made Imran file a complaint with the Chief Civilian Personnel Officer (CCPO). He asked for his bike’s recovery from the cops using it.

Imran also recorded a video and posted it on social platforms via a media channel to create awareness and bring more attention to the crime.

Street Crimes getting out of Control

A report released in March states that the scourge of street crimes in the provincial capital have spiraled out of control. Police records show more than 300 incidents of looting by robbers and thieves during the last two days of February. The month of March started with about 350 incidents in the city.

Several people have lost millions of rupees in cash, gold jewelry, vehicles, and motorcycles in the first two months of 2021. Goods worth more than Rs. 10 million were looted in 209 robberies, while 59 motorcycle theft cases were registered at the time.

Victims of street crime look toward the government and relevant law enforcement authorities to maintain law and order in the city. Only time will tell what steps these authority figures take to safeguard people and their belongings.

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