Lahore: Meet the First Woman to become UET’s Engineering Department’s Professor and Chairperson

According to media reports, the first female engineering professor has been appointed at the University of Engineering and Technology (UET), Lahore. Since the establishment of the institute in 1921, Dr. Saima Yasin has been the first woman to join the Chemical Engineering Department at the UET.

Dr. Saima’s Achievements don’t just stop here

Being the only professor in her department of 23 teachers, the University Syndicate has also appointed Dr. Saima as the department chairperson. This appointment makes her the first female chairperson of the engineering department at the UET. Moreover, acquiring this seat of higher learning in engineering and technology also makes her the first female professor and chairperson of engineering in Punjab.

What does the Vice-Chancellor UET say about Dr. Saima?

Speaking to a media outlet, UET Vice-Chancellor Dr. Syed Mansoor Sarwar said:

The university has come a long way from only one female engineering student in 1975 and no female engineering teacher to over 24% female engineering students and about 25% female engineering faculty. Currently, the university has around 190 female faculty members, with six women professors, including Dr. Saima.

Referring to Dr. Saima, he said:

Dr. Saima has an illustrious academic career. She graduated from the UET with BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering in January 2005 and April 2007, respectively. Dr. Saima has achieved an important milestone in the history of this great institution, and I am pleased that it happened during my tenure as VC.

It is heartwarming to see women receiving recognition in their fields regardless of any gender discrimination and patriarchy. This news has raised hopes for Pakistani women looking ahead to a future where gender barriers will no longer punish women.

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