Lahore: Poverty has forced young Saima to work as a street clown – here’s her heartbreaking story!

A Lahori woman has taken to the streets to earn a living after losing all hope. Young Saima, who wanted to become a doctor, now wears a clown costume every day to earn a living and avoid begging on the streets. 

The Tragic Story of Saima

Speaking to a media outlet, Saima said:

I have lost a lot in life—first, my father died with his dreams, and then my own aspirations.

According to media reports, Saima’s father and two brothers passed away. After the demise of the men of the family, no one came forward to support Saima and her poor mother in their difficult times. She had no choice but to leave her aspirations behind and start earning to support her ill mother.

Saima tried to find a suitable job while pursuing her education, but due to a demanding schedule couldn’t take up any of the jobs as she had to take care of her mother as well. She did manage to find one job, which seemed to accommodate her timings but other factors compelled Saima to resign.

Speaking about her office job, Saima recalled:

Things went smoothly for four months, but then my boss started making inappropriate demands from me, such as going out for a meal with him. He said in a meeting that I was his wife. I left the job after being warned of a culture of harassment and exploitation at the organization by one of my friends who had worked there before.

Saima further shared:

After leaving the job, I was so needy that I even considered begging on the streets. But then I saw a kid dressed up as a clown to entertain other children to earn a living. This inspired me and gave me an idea of doing the same. That child taught me such a great lesson that I could do anything for my mother. When I started working as a clown, I felt as if the Saima in me had died.

However, the job of a clown is neither easy nor pays well. Saima has been slapped several times. Often men on the street call her names, thinking that there is a man or a transgender person behind the clown mask. And after all this ridicule, she only manages to earn Rs. 700 to Rs. 800 per day.

Saima’s story started trending on social media as soon as it was shared with the masses by a media outlet. Recent news updates state that Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar has taken note of the matter and has contacted Saima.

In a bid to help the young girl, the CM has decided to bear all the expenses of Saima’s mother’s treatment. The young girl is delighted with the support and feels that her dreams might come true after all.

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