Lahore: Private torture cell unearthed inside Mayo Hospital

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torture cell

In a shocking turn of events, a private torture cell was unearthed at Mayo Hospital in Lahore. The cell was being used to arrest and torture the attendees of patients.

Sources have revealed that Mayo Hospital’s Janitorial Staff Supervisor, Zohaib, was running the torture cell inside the hospital where he used to torture the attendees.

Recently, a video of Zohaib went viral on the internet where he was seen torturing, beating, and kicking the victims with shoes.

It is stated that Zohaib used to pick patients and their attendees on suspicion of theft and drug trafficking and tortured them physically.

Following this, the Medical Superintendent at Mayo Hospital, Dr. Iftikhar, fired the three workers, including Zohaib, who were allegedly involved in the case.

Dr. Iftikhar added, “Physical violence and harassment are offensive.”

“Janitor Supervisor was only assigned for the cleaning and was tasked with preventing unauthorized persons from entering the hospital at night, not for running private torture cells,” The Medical Superintendent added.

Moreover, a committee comprising three members has been formed to investigate the matter.

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  • pura pakistan hi aik torture cell hay…..bhaag kar jai gay kahan?
    مجھے ایک اور ٹارچر سیل کا سامنا تھا منیر
    میں ایک ٹارچر سال سے بھاگاتو میں نے دیکھا

  • He was just fired from his job? That absolutely does not fit the crimes he committed.
    Why the medical superintendent let the culprit go without receiving punishment fir the heinous crimes did he commit. This decision makes one suspicious of the superintendent.

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