Lahore: The 185 kgs of frogs was not for eateries, now have your lunch in peace!

They were selling the frogs to a laboratory on Abkari Road.


A few days ago, news circulated around the media where men were caught supplying dead frogs to ‘restaurants in Lahore’, for shwarmas and burgers. The story was published at numerous news forums and spread like wildfire.

As per the news, two men were arrested with 185 kg worth of dead frogs, which were being sold to restaurants.

Now, a new twist has been added to this story since it has been labeled untrue. It is partially true too, the police did detain two men for transporting frogs. The two men were stopped by the officers, the culprits were traveling in a rickshaw with eight sacks.

These sacks contained 185 kg of frogs, some of them were dead and some alive. They were stopped by the police because the officials thought the frogs were a rare species.

This, however, is all. The frogs weren’t being taken to any restaurant. They were selling the frogs to a laboratory on Abkari Road, from where they would be supplied to medical universities, for the learning purpose of students since they dissect frogs and practice suturing on them.

Punjab Wildlife Department had no issues with the case. The men were released from jail and were free to go. But, the frogs were released in a river.

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