Lahore Traffic Police Will Now Send Electronic Violation Tickets To People’s House With Photo Evidence

Lahore’s traffic situation has been miserable for years, being discussed actively on mainstream and social media.
Congested roads, failed traffic regulation, dense population and citizens’ least concern in abiding by the law makes it a true hassle to get from one point to another.

Punjab Traffic Police just now came up with a new strategy to overcome to the situation. They are now sending traffic rules violation warnings along with the photos of them violating the traffic rules captured by Safe city CCTV cameras.

The police will now be sending Challans the same way as well. This will also be implemented all across the province after installation of CCTV cameras.

How Does It Work?

Basically, CCTV cameras will be installed on major traffic junctions. The cameras will monitor anyone who is trying to violate traffic rules. The picture captured along with the challan for the particular offense will be sent to violators’ house. The challan needs be paid in first 15 days. In case that it isn’t paid in that span, it will be regenerated and resent to the violators’ house with additional late submission charges.

Possible Implementation Challenges:

The new strategy looks quite interesting, however, it has many loopholes and implementation challenges.
Top of the list is how will that actually ensure that the violator is paying the fine, especially in a country like Pakistan where people barely even pay their taxes. With the traditional method, traffic police take the person’s identity card or driving license to make sure that the fine is paid. Furthermore, it doesn’t address the people without computerized number plates or explains what strategy will be adopted to cater them. Similarly, it leaves out the people without registered vehicles as well.

This strategy, however, is good to take to have a check and control, as Traffic Police usually settles for personal gains, leaving the violator in exchange of bribery.

This can potentially serve as a stream of revenue for the Punjab Government as well.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know below.

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