Lahore’s Giant Sinkhole Fixed Within 24 Hours

The long-awaited spell of rain has finally turned towards Pakistan. Just like it has so potently defeated the extremity of summers in Lahore, it has also defeated previous government’s claims of strengthening the provincial capital with the infrastructural point of view. Exposing the tall claims of progress in this particular sphere, the giant sinkhole at Mall Road at GPO Lahore told a story otherwise.

The 252-millimeters rain the city showed the lack of concern for preparing a mitigation plan in time after the heavy rain wreaked havoc on infrastructure across the city.

Immediately the severity of the situation met a giant wave of criticism across social media. People calling it nature’s way of uncovering the truth behind confidently made promises prior to elections and mockingly thanking Punjab Government for blessing Pakistan with its own Niagra Falls was a repetitive sight on Twitter.

Here is a pictorial glimpse of what happened.

The authorities however immediately sprung into action and the sinkhole was repaired within 24 hours and made available for transportation & public use.

The quick action garnered a lot of appreciation, even from the critics. The initial cause of the situation was explained by LDA (Lahore Development Authority) as they said that open ducts of PTCL (Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited) lead to water seeping deep, resulting in sinkholes across the city.

The proactive team in action, fixing the situation in less than 24 hours.

Ms. Amna Imran Khan, Director General of LDA briefed the caretaker PM about the challenges the weather condition posed for the city.

‘’During torrential rain, a number of PTCL open ducts located in a chamber near the GPO intersection became a carrier of water seepage under the road. Water through these ducts found its way over the passage of time through the subsoil into the under-construction pedestrian underpass and the unsealed ducts caused erosion of the subsoil leading to the formation of the cavity under the road resulting in the overall collapse’’

Talking about the effective action to improve the existing situation, she said immediate measures are being taken.

‘’The damage control measures have been taken with immediate deployment of human resource, consultant, and contractors who made blockage of drain water by rising embankments all around the ditch and plugging the open PTCL’s ducts (source of water entrance). The staff also inserted corrugated sheets in front of underground piles, made dumping of earthen material up to 3m depth’’

The road is open for public use and transport after filling and compaction, but the asphalt work will be done after monsoon spell is over.

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