What is the real story behind Lahori Teacher’s dismissal for being ‘too attractive’?

What actually happened?

This teacher got fired for being too pretty.

Many believe that a person’s physical appearance plays a significant role in their ability to keep or lose a job. This explains why people put a lot of effort into dressing up for interviews.

However, can someone get fired for being ‘too attractive’ for a job? Apparently, yes.

Lahore teacher fired for being too attractive.

Recently, a Lahori teacher alleged that she was fired from a reputable school for being ‘too pretty/attractive to be a teacher’. In a tweet, a woman named Aasia Zubair alleged:

The School admin fired me, telling me that ‘sexy-teachers’ will spoil the students.

Local media reported:

The 29-year-old employed as a teacher for the past six years was terminated on the 11th of August 2020. The reason given was that she was ‘too sexy’ to teach secondary students.

The Lahore-based school teacher further shared:

I received a termination letter from my school administrator, stating that my body is too fit or erotic to teach classes to secondary education students. We usually wear decent shalwar kameez dupatta, so I have no idea what else they wanted from me? Ridiculous!

Aasia Zubair continued to state:

I am taking the legal route and filing charges against the school. 

The Twitterati rushed to the teacher’s defense. Many sided with her and said:

The Truth behind the Incident

A media channel did some digging into the matter to find further information to authenticate the incident. Oddly, they found out that the Twitter account was only created recently in October 2020. 

The media channel further noted that the pictures uploaded on the account seemed familiar and later concluded that the photographs were of Indian Instagram model Sanjana Singh. 

Aasia Zubair was not a real person, but someone who created a fake Twitter account using pictures of Sanjana Singh. This phony user also came up with the false dismissal accusation.

It should be noted that women all over Pakistan might be failing to avail many socio-economic opportunities because of their looks, dressing style, or more every day. However, Aasia Zubair’s case is not one of those instances; the claim is 100% fake.

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  • I totally agree with the school. If you look at the pics of her then you could understand. Specially, when it comes to boys ?, they are very naughty at this age and lose their concentration.

  • I think the whole narrative needs some correction. First, there is no way she is too “attractive”. Number 2. Her dressing is too indecent for a teacher.
    3. If she fired for vulgarity/ indecency then the school has every right to do so. And every parent want their children to be taught by decent teachers.

  • سکول نے اچھا کام کی ھے۔ ایک ماڈل ٹیچر ھے۔ جو سارا دن انسٹا گرام پے سیکسی بن کر اپلوڈ ہوتی ھے۔ سکول میں پھر وہ کیا کرنے ھتی ھے

  • سکول نے اچھا کام کی ھے۔ ایک ماڈل ٹیچر ھے۔ جو سارا دن انسٹا گرام پے سیکسی بن کر اپلوڈ ہوتی ھے۔ سکول میں پھر وہ کیا کرنے جاتی ھے

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