Are Lahoris a 'different species? Online poll shows 80% of Pakistanis agree With Dr. Yasmin

The survey showed quite interesting results!


Punjab’s Health Minister, Dr. Yasmin Rashid, is angry and frustrated with the people of Lahore because she believes their behavior is the reason for the worsening of the coronavirus situation in the provincial capital.

According to Dr. Yasmin, the number of infections and deaths in Lahore is rapidly increasing because the citizens are ignoring SOPs set forth by the health authorities to control and contain the spread of Covid-19.

In light of this ignorant behavior, she vented her anger out by saying:

Lahoris belong to a different species.

Later, Dr. Yasmin apologized for her comments.

However, by the time she apologized, things had already spiraled out of control. Her words had sparked plenty of debate; while some sided with her, others criticized her.

Currently, social media is laden with opinions on the matter, and everyone is passing remarks and sharing views on Dr. Yasmin’s words. Following are some accounts of two different groups of people: one agreeing with the idea that there is something wrong with Lahoris, and one expressing anger towards Dr. Yasmin’s use of words.

Ramiz Raja, a prominent name in the cricket world and a Lahori, jumped on the bandwagon by starting a poll to find out how many people agreed or disagreed with Dr. Yasmin. A total of 150,000 people cast votes and the survey concluded with 85% of people siding with Dr. Yasmin.

Surely, Punjab’s Health Minister Dr. Yasmin Rashid was right to think that Lahoris are a one of a kind species.

The matter quickly got caught up in the meme culture, and now social media is filled with comical representations of Dr. Yasmin’s statement.

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  • At Ease Always……moto if Lahoris

    anyway majority are migrated from all over Punjab

  • With respect to Dr. Yasmeen, these people elected you, so now you should resign and go to election again.

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