In yet another horrific incident, landlord throws acid on couple in Lahore

The man suffered from burn injuries on his back while his wife sustained wounds on her arms.

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In yet another horrific occurrence, a landowner is accused of throwing corrosive acid at a couple in Lahore’s Liaquatabad neighborhood, causing severe burn wounds to the victims.

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According to details, a man hurled acid on his renters — a husband and a wife — in the Liaquatabad area of the walled city.

The man suffered from burn injuries on his back while his wife sustained wounds on her arms.

“Our proprietor Asif, also known as Pola, hurled acid on me and my spouse,” the affected man lamented while sharing the horrific event.

He said that they have applied with the FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) against Asif, reckoning that the suspect used to harass them frequently.

Meanwhile, the police have filed a case against the incident and launched an investigation into the matter.

This is not the first time such a terrible incident has been reported from the country.

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Recently, a man purportedly hurled acid on his wife in Ahmedpur Sharqia, a tehsil in Punjab’s Bahawalpur district.

As per the details, the incident happened in the Dera Nawab locality of Ahmedpur Sharqia, where a 22-year-old woman endured severe burn scars on her legs, shoulders, and back after her husband flung acid on her.

The victim has got a case filed against her husband. This is the second such case filed by her.

In the previous case, she had accused her husband and in-laws of abusing her.

Meanwhile, the police, while discussing the matter, said that the woman is said to be out of threat.

The police also pledged to capture the culprits implicated in the heinous act.

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