Lasbela Helicopter Crash: Everyone Involved in Hateful Social Media Campaign To Be Arrested

Pictures of those martyred in lasbela helicopter crash

The federal government has decided to put everyone involved in the hateful social media campaign following Lasbela helicopter crash behind bars, a private news channel reported.

The investigators will question those involved in the negative social media propaganda, under this, those who led the activity will also be arrested.

Furthermore, accounts operated from India also took part in the online campaign, according to the investigation.

Accounts linked with a major political party of Pakistan reportedly started the hateful campaign, which was joined by at least 17 Indian accounts.

Last week, a case was registered by the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) Cyber Crime Wing in this regard.

A six-member joint investigation team, headed by Additional Director General Cybercrimes Muhammad Jafar, was constituted to investigate the hateful online campaign. The team also includes officials of the Intelligence Bureau (IB) and Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI).

Earlier this month, a Pakistan army helicopter had gone missing in Balochistan. Later, the wreckage was found by the rescue teams, resulting in the martyrdom of all six senior officers on board.

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  • یہ حکومت کے لیے نہیں فوجیوں کی خدمت اور انکے ٹ چھاٹ نے کے لئے آئیں ہیں۔۔

    شروع دن سے ہی فوجیوں کے کندھے پہ بندوق رکھ کے مخالفین چلا رہی ہے

  • Ajao lun phar lo saadha, your time is over mister x you are not able to break down shehbaz gill and every Pakistani is shehbaz gill now.

  • These madarchowds need a beatup like 1971. Only army who torture their own ppl just because they wsnt to be slave of foreigners

  • A must to do action against all those involved across the board. Those whose ridiculed martyrs and martyrdom must be given exemplary punishments, and those pulling the strings behind this campaign must be exposed and brought to justice. Such heinous moral degradation is extremely deplorable

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