Is someone trying to cause an accident near Peshawar Airport by using laser lights?

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Home Secretary and Police received a letter in this regard by the Airport Authorities.

Not long ago, the Bacha Khan International Airport Peshawar\\’s administration registered a complaint with the authorities against people projecting laser lights on aircraft.

The concerned administration has finally decided to take up the matter with the relevant department, as the recurrence of such events has made it a matter of flight safety.

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) Home Secretary and Police received a letter in this regard by the Airport Authorities. The letter indicated the critical points of the events and demanded stern action against the incidents.

According to reports, the Airport Manager said:

At least seven incidents of laser light projections towards incoming and departing airplanes have been reported this year. These events are frightening the cockpit crew, especially the crew of the foreign airlines.

The 1994 rules of the Pakistan Civil Aviation Authority (PCAA) prohibit illumination of any such light on the airport zone, which can be mistaken for an aeronautical ground light.

Many pilots who experienced the disturbance caused by such technologies describe the laser light action as something that \\’affects the flight operations and distracts pilots\\’ maneuverability.

An investigation into the matter revealed that laser beams installed outside various restaurants on Ring Road Peshawar, Kohat, and Lachi were causing the disturbance. Following the revelation, the KPK Chief Secretary ordered the removal of all lights that were interfering with the airport activity. The removal action has not been implemented yet by the concerned authorities.

To understand why the laser beams are disturbing flight landing and take off, have a look at the following video. It displays the role lights play in the effective landing of an aircraft:

Bearing in mind any future nuisances, the Airport Administration requested:

The authorities should keep flight safety in viewpoint and take remedial and precautionary measures to avoid such occurrences.

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