The mystery of the popular Karachi ‘Karsaz Churail’. Where was she spotted recently?

Have you heart about it?

Every true Pakistani has heard the tale of the Karsaz Churail once (or more than once) in their lifetime. Karachiites are more than excited to narrate the legend every time they cross the Karsaz Road. And every single time, it scares the life out of the listener.

The Legend of the Karsaz Churail

The story goes like this: A bride’s groom died on the Karsaz road. She was truly heartbroken by the incident and also passed away. Now legend has it that the bride still roams the street where her husband allegedly died.

The Hauntings of the Karsaz Area

The Karsaz churail story started many rumors about the Karsaz area. Currently, social media is flooded with people claiming they’ve sighted ghosts in the area. The most famous sighting is of a child hanging from the window of uninhabited houses. Regardless, the most well-known ghost story and the real attraction of the Karsaz road will always be the Karsaz churail bride.

Karsaz Churail Bride in Karsaz

Initially, when the rumors about the Karsaz churail started to grow, the road used to be very dark and deserted. This vibe added to the legend of the Karsaz churail, and the myth became stronger.

Presently, many restaurants and residential areas have opened up in the area, making the Karsaz road very vibrant. However, many ghostbusters still travel to the site to spot one glimpse of the Karsaz churail.

To their disappointment, they fail every time. Why? It might be because the Karsaz churail has changed her location.

Four dots Malir Cantt is the new location of Karsaz Churail.

New Location of the Karsaz Churail: Malir Cantt

Recent reports state that the Karsaz churail bride has been spotted at the famous chai place in Malir Cantt Karachi, Four Dots. A resident of the area took to social media to narrate: 

I found a woman in black robes late at night after 1 AM, who insisted I drop her off at the park of phase 1, Malir Cantt. 

It should be noted that rumor has it that this park is the creepiest area of the entire neighborhood. Many people avoid visiting the park after nightfall.

Ghosts prefer lonely places.

Sources speculate that ghosts prefer lonely places. If these places become as crowded as Karsaz, the spirits take refuge in gated communities. 

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