Lawyer explains the ‘controversy’ around the dismissal of no-confidence motion 

Lawyer Salaar Khan tweeted a brief understanding of the constitutional premise on dismissing no-confidence motion

Pakistan is in political chaos as the no-confidence motion against Prime Minister (PM) Imran Khan was dismissed abruptly. The move came on Sunday after the National Assembly (NA) Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri termed it “unconstitutional,” stating that “foreign powers backed it.” Suri then immediately disallowed voting on the no-confidence movement and suspended the session.

Later, under PM Khan’s direction, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly, with the premier asking the country to get ready for elections.

After the whole nation and Pakistani worldwide were left in shock, much talk about Khan’s “unconstitutional trump card.” Everyone wants to know: did Khan subvert the constitution of Pakistan?

Lawyer Salaar Khan tweeted a brief understanding of the constitutional premise of what happened on Sunday, the 3rd of April, which went viral on Twitter.


The Supreme Court(SC) of Pakistan took suo moto notice of the Assembly proceedings on Sunday, the 3rd of April, and restrained the state institutions and the political parties from taking any unconstitutional acts and exploiting the situation.

  • Let’s set aside this case for a minute. If a resolution for VONC is approved for voting and later it is proven without an iota of a doubt, that the resolution is brought at behest of foreign powers or its proven that law makers are bribed to vote against a PM, speaker cannot dismiss the VONC and allow foreign country to change regime and speakers job is just to announce the result and not apply his mind.

    The basic problem with the constitution is each member of the legal fraternity interprets the constitution that bests suits his needs or the way he wants it to be interpreted.

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