[VIDEO] ‘Nestle is selling poison’ – Lawyer Hassan Niazi explains lactogen case

government agencies, media, and the police are under Nestle's control and are afraid to take action.

In 2018, one-month-old Wajeeha died due to the consumption of Nestle’s formula milk, Lactogen.

The victim’s father, Usman Bhatti, registered an FIR against Nestle Pakistan. The FIR stated that the complainant’s daughter had fallen sick after consuming Nestle’s products and was taken to a hospital. However, she could not survive.

The post mortem report revealed that Lambda-Cyhalothrin (pesticide) and Phenytoin were detected in the victim’s body.

Lactogen Milk Formula

In an exclusive interview with Siasat.Pk, the famous lawyer, Hassan Niazi, explained the Nestle case. He said, “Multinationals in Pakistan sometimes play the role of a mafia to cover up their negligence. Nestle is not ready to own up to its carelessness. The company is more concerned about its financial loss than the loss of life” 

Regarding the struggle of Wajiha’s father, the lawyer said, “Usman Bhatti not only suffered financial loss, but his house was attacked twice since the FIR was lodged.”

Niazi added that government agencies, media, and the police have been under Nestle’s influence and are afraid to take action.

He concluded, “Three years have passed since the incident, and so far, the Punjab police have not submitted a report on the infant’s death.”

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  • I won’t support Nestle but my own kids drink Lactogen and Alhamdullilah they are fine. I think the product which that baby consumed was some how got tempered (not by someone, but during transport or warehousing). Rest Allah knows better.

  • I read a newspaper story in Nawai-e-Waqt about 25 years ago by an employee of Nestle claiming that the milk they pack has non-consumable chemicals. Don’t know what happened to that person.

    Nestle is definitely involved if they are trying to resist, delay, and obstruct the process of justice.

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