Do you know what is the legal punishment for accessing someone's laptop, mobile without permission?

You MUST know your rights!


Ever since the pandemic, almost everything has gone online. While this brings along tons of benefits, unfortunately, things take a turn for the worse in Pakistan. The increase in online activity brings along many evils corroding the internet: hackers and cyber-bullies. Thus, incidents of abuse and cyber-bullying have increased by two folds in the country.

People need to act wisely and know their rights. The best thing to do if such a situation arises is to contact Cyber Crime Security Pakistan. The Cyber Crime Security Wing of the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) aims to help people if their phones or laptops are hacked. People can immediately contact the department for assistance.

Cyber Crime Security is on its feet and alert than ever, since businesses and educational institutes switched to the online platform. The authority aims to make the internet a tad bit safer. Thus, it is actively catching hackers and harassers. Once captured, the hackers are put in jail for three months or fined up to PKR 50,000. In some cases, hackers are subject to face both the consequences simultaneously.

On the other hand, the Digital Rights Foundation (DRF) is also playing an active role in minimizing the instances of abuse and cyber-bullying. People can call on their helpline or email them for assistance in such matters. Regarding this, the DRF spokesperson said:

“We offer our services free of cost for anyone who calls in or reaches out to us via social media or email. These include legal aid, the digital help desk, and mental health counseling. During these three months, our toll-free number will be accessible every day of the week, from 9 AM to 5 PM, our mental health counselors will work from 10 AM to 9 PM each day as well. During all other hours of the day, our team will be attending to complaints and queries.”

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