Legendary Mehran VX Finally Set To Leave Pakistan’s Automobile Industry This Year

After years of ruling the Pakistani automobile industry, Pak Suzuki has finally decided to put Suzuki Mehran VX to rest. The company has finally revealed the deadline after which the production will be completely stopped.

According to the notice that has been issued to Suzuki dealerships in Pakistan, the company intends on only halting one of the variants.
The production of only Mehran VX has been pulled up, that is lower end version with lesser features and a low price tag.

However, the VXR variant that is a mildly improved version with air conditioner and amped-up features will be produced even in 2019 as well.

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As per the notification, the production will be completely halted by November 2018. As notification reads:

‘’Dear, valued vendor(s), Management of PSMCL has decided to discontinue its Model SB308 only version VX (Mehran) from end November 2018’’
‘’ In view of above, it is important to note that all the respective local parts should be produced and supply according to schedules to be sent to you on monthly basis for remaining production plan of 6734 units to be produced from June 2018 to End November 2018’’

Pak Suzuki still has some units lined up, and manufacturing will be terminated completely by the end of this year.

The company now has to manage surplus units efficiently so the last batch can be done without any loss or wastage of components. Pakistan is the only country where it was still being produced, while it was internationally halted back in the 90s.

About time – Pakistan’s automobile sector can be seen getting more diverse in the future as new companies are expected to occupy the space.

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