This letter from a truck driver’s son to his father after graduation will warm your heart!

So pure and beautiful.

A Pakistani student, Zafar Ali, after graduating from the prestigious Lewis and Clark College in the United States, wrote the most heartfelt letter to his father.

In his message, Zafar describes the sacrifices made by his father to help him achieve what he has today. He reminisces about the memories of the time that his father had only five hundred rupees in his pocket, and out of that, he’d give 480 to Ali.

When he would ask his father how he would manage the rest of the days in 20 rupees, his father said it was enough to get him to his truck and he would figure out the rest later.

Ali talks about the time he wanted to buy a computer. He said that when he expressed his desire in front of his father, he gave him his entire month’s hard-earned salary.

Now that he is one step nearer to his goal, Ali acknowledges all the sacrifices his father made for him. Not only this, but he also looks up to his father as he always taught a lesson of hard work and goodwill.

Here’s the letter:

This is a tribute.Dad, I just graduated from college. It has been one crazy journey! The past four years were the best…

Posted by Zafar Ali on Sunday, May 10, 2020

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  • باقی تو ٹھیک ہے لیکن انگریجی میں خط لکھنے کیا ضرورت تھی؟ یا یہ خط ہمارے لیے تھا۔۔

  • ڈھکن

    یعنی مختصر بات یہی کے لڑکے کو مزہ بڑا آیا پڑھ کر

    (یہی خط تھا کیا ؟)


  • Incredible story!

    It’s tribute to his father on his Facebook page which he was not ashamed to share with classmates/faculties/others for where & who he belongs to….. I’m sure his father should be a proud man and must have read translation by someone.

  • Well let’s hope he returns to find a nice job back in Pakistan and take care of his parents who sacrificed greatly so he can achieve his dreams. That for me will be the real story. May Allah give all of us taufeeq to serve our parents and take care of them. Ameen.

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