Several letters sent to Muslim American families threatening to “shoot them mercilessly”

Several letters sent to Muslim American families in which the writer threatens to “shoot mercilessly” the immigrants of Chinese and Indian descent who work in the I.T. field, has law enforcement officials in the city concerned.

In the letter labeled “Return Back to Your Country,” the harasser claims that American citizens in the I.T. industry and various other professions have lost jobs “to many Indians and Chinese.”

The families, which were threatened, are concentrated in the city of Irving, located in the U.S. state of Texas.

The first letter was sent to a Muslim man of Indian descent, but a specific name was not included.

The Irving branch of the Indian American Muslim Council connected with other religious leaders in a virtual news conference hosted by CAIR-DFW (Council on American-Islamic Relations in Dallas Fort-Worth) on Tuesday, condemning the author’s actions.

“We wish to restate that we are peaceful, hardworking citizens, and we are committed to a prosperous and a stable America,” said Azzam Shaih, with the Indian American Muslim Council.

Robert Reeves, The Irving Police Department spokesman, said police had launched an investigation, and the writer of the letter could be prosecuted on a charge of harassment.

Presently, the Irving Police says it seems to be a cluster of isolated incidents.
If there are further complaints, the department says the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) might get involved.

“This specific person is threatening to shoot up a business, a pool area, a playground, so anyone could fall victim to this,” Robert said.

Likewise, the detectives are accordingly working with U.S. postal inspectors to try and figure out who sent it.

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