LGS Harassment Scandal – Shocking revelations against Actor Omair Rana

Rana's former students shared their experiences with him.

Recently, several LGS 1A1 female students called out various male teachers at their institute, blaming them for harassment. Following the raised voices, the administration of LGS 1A1 fired and barred the male teachers who were held accountable.

The administration even took to social media and named the male teachers associated with the vile exposé. The purpose behind doing this was to set an example and show that there are consequences of all actions, so that other people whose minds were clogged with the same evil, can learn. Ever since the public discourse, the incident has been garnering all sorts of attention. Currently, social media is flooded with posts about the LGS scandal.

The most recent development in the LGS scandal came as a complete shock. The actor Osman Khalid Butt took to Twitter to applaud the LGS management for teaching the male instructors a just lesson.

In response to his tweet, a girl pointed out how everyone had missed out the inclusion of the actor Omair Rana in the list of male harassers at LGS 1A1:

Sir, you missed a name: Omair Rana. He used to teach Drama at LGS 1A1. Many have come forward about their uncomfortable experiences with him too. Attaching screenshots below.


— khk (@ahplsdont) June 28, 2020

The renowned actor Omair Rana was accused of harassing the underage female students at LGS 1A1. The harassment allegations on Omair Rana date back to the time he used to teach drama at the institute.

The girl, who replied to Osman Khalid Butt\\’s tweet, also posted many screenshots in which girls confessed to being a prey of Omair Rana. The girls described how he constantly harassed them, but the admin ignored all their complaints in this regard.

What is more stunning is that several students also pointed fingers towards Omair\\’s wife, Maira Omair Rana. They alleged that Omair\\’s wife was an equal participant in his deeds, as she supported her husband by silencing the victims and shaming them. It is to be noted that Maira Omair Rana was a part of the admin, which explains why the girls\\’ complaints were ignored continuously too.

Following this, several ex-students stepped up and exposed Maira Omair Rana and Ms. Shakeel, who were part of the LGS 1A1 administration. They called out the two females by stating that they used to threaten the harassment victims, and they used to blame the students for having consented the male teachers, especially Omair. Some ex-students were fearless enough to say:

It is not a problem for Omair Rana to play a predator in his current drama serial, Pyar Kay Sadqay, as he has personal experience of doing the same for ages at LGS 1A1.

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