LGS students come out against harassment, share inappropriate messages they received from their male teachers

Truly disturbing and sickening to the core.

LGS 1-A/1 harassment cases against Sir Umair, Sir Warraich, Sir Aitezaz, and other staff members have taken the internet by storm. 

Many girls have chosen not to keep mum about the matter anymore. They took to different social media platforms and exposed predators’ names to seek justice, which LGS 1-A/1’s administration has failed to provide.

The girls opened up about their politics instructor, Sir Aitezaz. He also used to serve as a MUN coach and different opportunities to go on international trips with different students. Many have asserted that Aitezaz used to cross the line of professionalism and abuse his authority status by getting involved with female students.

He is known as a ‘playboy’ for having many girlfriends from each batch. Many students have claimed that despite complaining several times, the administration didn’t take any action.

Among many others, the students also highlighted Sir Waraich. He teaches chemistry and is alleged to have treated his students inappropriately. Many spoke up and claimed that he makes them feel uncomfortable.

Sir Umar from the administration was also called out for harassing a girl and for making many others feel very uncomfortable.

Maira Omair Rana, the wife of Pakistani actor Omair Rana, from the administration, was also called out for being involved in victim-blaming. Many girls have asserted that Maria scolded students about their revealing clothes and even told the victims that they should not come here for their complaints, which is quite ironic as LGS has a strict dress code.

Here we have a few shreds of evidence from the case

Here is how students reacted:



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  • These predators should be jailed for life..what the hell has happened to our society??? whom should we trust???

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