VIDEO: 9 years after Libyan revolution, ‘slave markets’ still remain open

The European companies are benefiting from the African slave labor. 

  • Even in the modern-day, hundreds of black Africans have fallen victims to Libyan slave markets.
  • The video that first went viral in 2017 sparked global outrage.
  • The recent accounts from a Mediterranean rescue ship say that for the people, it is not about reaching anywhere but just fleeing Libya.
  • Every person on the rescue ship had been abducted, had been beaten, and starved.

The aftermath of war is horror, panic, and fear. The migrants met the same fate as they remain confined in shackles of the worst form of human rights abuse: slavery. While the reports indicated in the direction ever since the civil war concluded, the video of crowded slave markets that went viral a couple years back sparked an outrage. However, not much has still been done. 

Following extreme political instability in Libya, a new racist nightmare was initiated, particularly targetting the black-skinned. Even after Qaddafi’s oppressive regime, the abuse continues. The abuse of sub-Saharan migrants is an issue that the continual and consistent throughout North Africa and Europe.

Getting to Europe:


As the economic crisis, environmental challenges, and war implications persist, the helpless migrants now move towards sub-Saharan countries. For that, they use North Africa as a ‘launching point’ to get to Europe. 

As Europe tightens its scrutiny, these migrants, craving a better life (or just driven by their desperation to live altogether), get stuck in Libya or other parts of North America, falling victims to human traffickers. Some 4000 migrants have already lost their lives on the way. 

According to media sources, thousands of them are detained in camps run by authorities in Tripoli, with the collaboration of the European Union however others are stuck in camps run by rival militias. The reports also indicate that these EU authorities are working their best to keep these migrants away from the ‘fortress’ Europe. European companies are benefiting from the African slave labor. 

Slave Markets show that nothing changed after Qaddafi:


While speaking in Italy in 2010, Qaddafi boasted about Libya’s role in stopping these migrants from reaching Europe. He demanded that the EU should pay Libya 5 billion euros to stem the flow of migrants, or ”Europe would be flooded with “an influx of starving and ignorant Africans,”.

The UN has been considering to put sanctions on Libya due to the shameful slavery practice, however, as there is a lack of proper authority following the civil war toppling Qaddafi’s regime (reactionary Islamists belonging to the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria control different parts of the country). 

“We are deeply also concerned about reports of migrants and refugees allegedly being sold as slaves and call on the Libyan authorities to investigate and hold persons responsible for those acts accountable,” said EU diplomat Carl Hallergard.

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